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Around 1991, Eric and I met a shy overtly talented man named Roy Swope. Roy would visit our studio from time to time and hang out after guitar lessons. After running through a few of his acoustically penned tunes we ripped the lid off and let the monster out. Our monster was aptly named Deadly Arnaz. Josh Rana rounded out the post AWOL line up and off we went jangling and spitting our way through the Southwest. The Teenage Wonderland album was recorded at HCR and received rave reviews in the local scene as well as in Billboard magazine. The desert was ripe at that time with music and I was happy to be a part of it. Deadly Arnaz went through many growth spurts and gradually collected a heavier more cynical energy. Our live shows really set the bands tone and is probably what shaped the band the most. We spent many nights, many months and many years pounding the club circuit and concert halls. This band later recieved some record industry interest and went to LA to record under the name ethel,.

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Deadly Arnaz

Roy Swope - Vocals

Josh Rana - Bass

Eric Spencer - Drums

Matt King - Guitar