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This is a collection of songs from the band KBF. The King Bradley Fisher Group, as it was initially called, started off as an acoustically stripped down R&B/Soul three piece. The vibe was raw and bare just focusing on groove and harmony. It's was so much fun to do and I learned many lessons about musicianship. Well, our little 3 piece turned into a full blown quad carb party machine. Listen to Walk Away and hear Rachael Santos' angelic voice, amazing really. Our live shows were over the top dancing, drinking, sexually infused experiences. KBF maintained a good weekend club status for a few years while getting opening slots for bands like Tower of Power and other bay area funk/soul bands. Most of these recordings were recorded with my little portable studio at various live gigs and practice locations, so the quality is questionable at times. These were good times with good friends. So get on your party dress and let the funk out.

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Bradley Hill - Vocals

Matt Fisher - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Nathan Kingham - Keyboard

Rachael Santos - Vocals

Lisa Corpuz - Vocals

Rich Kaz - Bass

Troy Sutton - Drums

Matt King - Guitar